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Art of the Dead Collector's Box Set

As the ART OF THE DEAD demon­strates, Grate­ful Dead inspired the most iconic and endur­ing art­work in rock his­tory. It also clearly estab­lishes Stan­ley Mouse as a key archi­tect of this phe­nom­e­nal legacy. Start­ing with the band’s sem­i­nal con­cert posters, albums cov­ers and mer­chan­dise designs, Mouse’s ongo­ing con­tri­bu­tions laid the very foun­da­tions for the Long Strange Trip’s visual style guide—images that would be adopted for­ever by Dead Heads every­where. More than any­one else, Stan­ley put the face on music’s and one of America’s most vital communities.

Some­time after Jerry’s pass­ing and the group’s retire­ment, Mouse began address­ing Grate­ful Dead on a new level, in a fine art series of oil paint­ings. This dynamic col­lec­tion became the new out­let for the unique per­sonal aes­thetic that he had devel­oped over the course of almost fifty years. Just as he had chron­i­cled the band’s per­for­mance career, Stan­ley has suc­cess­fully enshrined the per­pet­ual spirit of the leg­endary group as only he can. These paint­ings embody the world of the Grate­ful Dead and Dead Head expe­ri­ence as never before.

Mouse Stu­dios, in coop­er­a­tion with Soft Skull Press, proudly presents the very lim­ited ART OF THE DEAD fine art print series:

  • Three dis­tinct com­pi­la­tion options:
    • Col­lec­tors Box Sets—Ten matched num­bered sets (num­bers 1–10) of all five giclee prints boxed with a match­ing num­bered signed copy of ART OF THE DEAD, per­son­ally signed by Stan­ley. Pur­chasers select their set num­ber on a first come, first serve basis. $1,500 per set. LIMITED ONE PER CUSTOMER
    • Deluxe Box Sets—215 matched num­bered sets of three giclees: Easy Rider, Pyra­mid Jester and Story (num­bers 11–225) boxed with a first edi­tion copy of ART OF THE DEAD. Pur­chasers select their set num­ber on a first come, first serve basis. $500 per set. LIMITED THREE PER CUSTOMER
    • Expanded Deluxe Box Sets—Any matched and num­bered Deluxe Set many be expanded to include match­ing copies of the remain­ing two giclees: Search­ing For Gar­cia and Cig­a­rettes And Whiskey. $800 per set. LIMITED THREE PER CUSTOMER
  • High­est res­o­lu­tion giclee prints, indi­vid­u­ally cre­ated on Moab Nat­ural Entrada, Fine Art, cer­ti­fied archival, 308 gsm, 100% cot­ton, envi­ron­men­tally sound paper.

Stanley Mouse Signing AOTD Prints

  • Each set per­son­ally pulled, com­piled, hand-signed and num­bered with Stan­ley at Mouse Studios.
  • Each order shipped in cus­tom Art Of The Dead wooden stor­age box branded with Stanley’s Easy Rider image along with a first edi­tion copy of ART OF THE DEAD.

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